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  • Worked as Assistant in Directorate of Rural Development Kuralagam, Madras – 4 years.
  • Worked as Administrative Officer in M/s. Reliance Motors Ltd., Mount Road, Madras – 2 - 5 years.
  • Worked as Personnel Manager in M/s. Sharjah Electricity and Water Department Sharjah (U.A.E) – 5 years.
  • Served as Manager (Legal) in Karunya Deemed University, Coimbatore – 12 years.
  • Serving as Senior Law Officer in ChristianMedicalCollege, Vellore since April 2005.


Contributions in writing:


  • A comprehensive book written by me entitled “Laws on Hospital Administration” containing medico–legal Consumer & Labour issues, was published by M/s. B.I. Publications, 150, Anna Salai, Chennai.
  • A book written by me titled “H.R. Management in Hospitals – Laws, issues & Solutions (an Indian perspective) was released on June 29, 2013 during the Mission Workshop by the CMC Council Chairman, Dr. Kuruvilla Varkey.
  • A book written by me titled “Lawful Protection to women in India” was published by M/s. Jefflin Rimon Publications, Vellore.



  • An article on “The issues, concerns, problems & remedies in managing the Contract Labour” was published in Labour Law Notes, February 2011 issue.
  • An article about “Is payment of bonus applicable to Hospitals” was published in Labour Law Notes (February 2012 issue).
  • An article “The new enactment in 2013 – An extra shield for working women” was published in Express Health Care – October 2013 issue.


  • An article on`Consumer Laws’ was published in “Express Health Care” in June 2007.
  • Review of my book is published in “Express Health Care” in July 2009.
  • An article focuses on the laws pertaining to the health services in India and discusses certain cases that put light on the various issues and challenges faced by the medical industry “Challenges in current Medico-Legal environment in India” published in eHEALTH- A monthly magazine on Healthcare ICTs, Technologies & Applications (December 2009 issue).
  • An article “Doctors! Pause & prescribe”, outlines a case of medical negligence, which resulted in the patient’s death and stresses on the need for detailed study of any case before deciding the line of treatment, was published in Express Healthcare magazine (August 2012 issue).
  • Review of the above book is published in Express Health Care in September 2013.
  • An article “Recording it right – an overview on the importance of maintaining Medical Records” was published in Express Health Care – September 2013 issue.
  • “Indian doctors in Dilemma” - an article about withholding lifesaving support to patients, who cannot return to normalcy, was published in Christian Medical Journal of India – Volume 31 Number 1 : January – March 2016.

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